Yes yes I know I know it’s summer I shouldn’t be on here

Well here I am at home with a cast on and I have crutches what perfect things to have on summer vacation well wanna know what happened here’s the story it was a nice day after the last day of school which was still the same day 28  last day of school any way at 5:00 I was riding my bike with friends until I lost. Balance and landed on my ankle it was swollen after it happened glad I had my phone to call my mom well a stranger was walking by when he heard me cry and scream in pain when he talked to my mom she was running like a dumb dumb without her car but the man helped and drove us to my house I stopped crying but it was swollen like crazy then blah blah blah hospital.Which was cheo thank goodness I waited and waited until I got x rays.Which turned into a nightmare after the x rays I heard these very words your ankle is broken blah blah blah cast blah blah blah . Crutches and that’s what happened . The sad but end. Story