Top ten grade 5 moments!

10. Building roller coasters

9. Playing pinball and barrier dodgeball in gym

8. Dance club

7. Talking about portable radio and the class blog at lead the way at LDHSS

6. Ski club

5. Parliment hill field trip

4. Creating Atlantis with my table group for Scoial Studies

3. Fliming portable TV

2. Entering a brand new class

1. Hanging out with all my friends!!!

I’ll miss you all!

Thank you Tom Angleberger!

Today our class got to skype author of Origami Yoda, Tom Angleberger. He was talking to us about the books he made and taught us about how to make an origami yoda. He asked us about what are favorite books are. We are really happy that Tom Angleberger was able to skype us. Thank you Tom!!!


I just finish reading the hunger games book and it’s amazing. I mean it’s absolutely thrilling! I don’t want to spoil it but it is a great book And I totally recommend to EVERYBODY! Love the hunger games!!!!! 🙂


1. Many kids favorite treat, I’m super sweet just to eat, I come in many shapes and always taste great(well to me!) What am I?

2. You send this to other lands, People write on it by hand, it could be to say sorry or just to say hey matey! What is it?

Atlantic City and Washington D.C!

Yesterday I came back from my trip to Atlantic City and Washington D.C! It was awesome. Our group mostly traveled all day so I practically stayed on a bus. I did go shopping and buy new shoes and socks. I went to a Korean market. Ate dinner at a really fancy mall. The food in U.S.A is big and taste different from food in Canada. Well’ I hope everyone had a good easter!